FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Team Adult Advisors/Chaperones

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Q: What role does the Team Adult Advisor have?
A: The Team Adult Advisor, in addition to the roles of a chaperone, is the contact for all communication received from the Spring Youth Forum committee (i.e., travel, registration, team questions, presentation information and needs, etc.)

Q: Are scholarships available?
A: No. Unfortunately, scholarships are not available this year.

Q: Are Continuing Education Hours or Credits available?
A: No, this is a youth-focused event. Everyone will receive certificates of attendance, but no hours will be available.

Q. What is the ratio of adults to youth in regards to chaperones?
A: The minimum of youth to adults is required to be one chaperone (adult) for every three youth. There is no maximum. For example, you may bring 4 adults for 6 youth and register them as part of the team, but you must bring at least 2 adults to chaperone for the 6 youth.

Q. Will our team receive waterpark passes if we are not staying at the Great Wolf Lodge?
A: No, however, daily passes and other activities are available at the Great Wolf Lodge. The waterpark is reserved for hotel guests only. When booking within the block, guests will receive passes that may be used at 1:00 pm the day of check in until 9:00 pm.


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Q: Can our team present on more than one (1) project?
A: Teams at the Spring Youth Forum must present on one project (although the "project" may involve multiple "tasks"). Presentations should involve one project. "Project" may include more than one event/task; that is, in order to achieve a project goal, you may have more than one event, but all of the events assist in the desired outcome for the project. Finally, remember you only have a short time to present so be sure to be clear, concise, and focused (e.g. discuss and give examples regarding the project goal, objectives, description, outcomes, impact, etc.)

Q: What is the maximum amount of time for our team presentation?
A: 8 minutes

Q: Does our team have to create an electronic presentation (e.g. PPT)?
A: No, this is not a requirement. Please feel free to create presentations that suit the team’s personality and the audience; such as: skits, group work, interactive presentations, singing, music, discussion, drama etc. Electronic (for example, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF) formats for presentations are NOT a requirement. For more details on audio visual, please see "Does Your Team Have Special Presentation Need?" on the Presentation webpage.

Q: Will our team be competing this year?
A: YES, teams will be competing this year. Please see the presentation page for more information.