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Step 1: Information You Must Read Before Completing a Scholarship Application

  1. Goal
  2. 2014 Timeline (Deadlines)
  3. Scholarship Eligibility
  4. Application Review
  5. Confirmation
  6. Details of the Award and Value
  7. Acceptance
  8. Awards
  9. Presentation
  10. Voting
  11. Final Scores

Step 2: Scholarship Application Resources and Preparation

  1. Sample Score Sheet
  2. W-9 Form
  3. Prep Document for Online Application

Step 3: Complete the New Online Scholarship Application

  1. Scholarship Application


The goal of the Spring Youth Forum is to recognize and reward youth prevention teams that have implemented a successful project within their communities; provide a venue to showcase prevention projects that were considered, created, and shaped by youth leaders during and following previous Prevention Summits or other youth trainings; give students from across the state an opportunity to learn from one another through a series of forums presented by the prevention teams accepted to attend; and share success stories from youth groups with future groups to encourage sustainability of their programs.

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2015 Timeline:

  • Week of February 23: Scholarship applications available
  • March 9: Questions about the application process?
    Join our 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Q&A conference call! (Conference Call Number: 360-407-3780 PIN 247001#)
    • This scheduled call has passed. In order to receive answers to questions, please view the FAQs page on this website or email
  • March 16: Applications due by Noon
  • March 17 - March 20: Applications reviewed and scored
  • March 25: Email acceptance notification and registration instructions sent to the Team Adult Advisor
  • April 8: Scholarship registration deadline (If your team does NOT register, they may lose the scholarship!)
  • April 24: Cancellation/substitution deadline
  • May 11: Questions about your role as a chaperone or Team Adult Advisor? Join our 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Q&A conference call! (Conference Call Number: 360-407-3780 PIN 247001#)
  • May 13: Event check in and team arrival (Bring your permission forms for check-in!)
  • May 13: On-site chaperone meeting 7:00 – 8:00 pm
  • May 14: Spring Youth Forum

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To be eligible for scholarship and participation, teams must:

  • Have an identified Team Adult Advisor who will lead and assist the youth team at the Spring Youth Forum.
  • Be limited to a maximum of up to 6 youth and 2 adult chaperones. The 3:1 ratio of youth to chaperone is required.
  • Have completed a prevention project that will be presented to others by May 2015. Projects can be long-term, ongoing projects or newly-developed projects. Presentations should be about specific youth-led projects and not programs in general. Only one project application per youth team is allowed. If your youth team has multiple projects they should select one project to present.
  • Plan to prepare an 8-minute presentation to share with other youth prevention groups at the Forum.
  • Be able to participate in the entire Spring Youth Forum, including voting throughout the event and attending final presentations. Teams not in attendance for the entire event will be ineligible for awards and prizes through disqualification. Read more about policies.
  • Submit a completed application by Noon. on March 16. Space will be limited.
  • Be of the required age. Youth must be 12-18 years of age; chaperones must be at least 19 and at least 3 years older than the youth they are chaperoning.

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Application Review Process
The scholarship review process will begin on March 17. Teams that are unable to meet the deadline should inquire about any remaining scholarships, as space may still be available. The Team Adult Advisor should complete and submit the scholarship application. All communication will be sent via email to the Team Adult Advisor and email address indicated on the application form. Please be sure the correct email is provided on the application. Reviewers will evaluate and approve applications based on completeness of application, the stated criteria and information provided. The application score accounts for 40 percent of the total score for each team. Teams are not guaranteed scholarships and some partial scholarships may be awarded.

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Confirmation of Receipt of Scholarship Application
Once the scholarship application has been submitted, the Team Adult Advisor will receive an email notification from a CASAT representative stating that the application has been received. This email will also address any questions regarding the answers on the form, or any missing documents. All missing information or documents must be received by the application deadline in order for the application to be considered complete. If a confirmation email is not received within 48 hours of submitting the application, the Team Adult Advisor is responsible for contacting CASAT immediately to follow up on the scholarship submission and to confirm receipt. Should a team submit an application on the due date, it is the Team Adult Advisor’s responsibility to follow up with a phone call to ensure receipt of application. It is important to be sure your team’s application was received, and the Team Adult Advisor is responsible for confirming receipt.

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Teams awarded scholarships may receive one or more of the following:

1. Free registration and acceptance to participate (a value of more than $200 per person and a chance to win the grand prize)

  • Free registration for Team Adult Advisor, chaperone and youth.

2. Travel assistance (will vary based on need)

  • Should a team be awarded travel assistance, please prepare to pay all travel costs in advance and to receive a travel assistance check for the amount awarded to the team after the event. A check will be mailed to the address on the W-9 form submitted, or on file from previous events.

3. Lodging (a value of more than $250 each night)

  • The number of hotel rooms and the amount of travel assistance provided to your team will be explained in the Scholarship Award Letter, which will be sent via email to the Team Adult Advisor.
  • It will be up to each team to determine how many and who should be in each room (e.g., one chaperone and three youth per room or four youth in one room and two chaperones in the second room.).
  • It is the expectation that people will share rooms when appropriate and feasible.
  • Teams may need to purchase additional rooms for team members, chaperones and/or adult advisors.
  • Should teams wish to purchase additional rooms for team members, a group rate will be available. However, there is no guarantee that the rooms will be near the other team room(s), as the Committee will have already booked lodging for teams awarded scholarships. Please contact CASAT for the group rate code at the event email address, if needed.
  • Hotel confirmation number(s) and additional hotel information will be provided closer to the event via email to the Team Adult Advisor.
  • All lodging rooms for youth and adult members of the team will be reserved at the Great Wolf Lodge.
  • Should teams register less than the number of people awarded a scholarship, the number of hotel rooms awarded may be adjusted.

4. Meals (a value of more than $100 per person)

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday, May 14, 2015.
  • All other meals and snacks are the responsibility of the team.

5. Waterpark Passes (a value of $40 each)

  • Waterpark passes can be used starting at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13, through Thursday, May 14 until 9:00 p.m. Hotel room check-in starts at 4:00 p.m.; however, teams may arrive beginning at 1:00 p.m. and the hotel will provide waterpark passes and allow teams to swim prior to room check-in.

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Once accepted, teams:

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Prizes will be awarded to teams based on completion of application, quality of application and quality of presentation given during the Spring Youth Forum. Teams may win awards in each of the criteria categories and by presentation room. Presentation room winners will compete for the Grand Prize. Please read and follow all instructions carefully to give your team the best opportunity to win!

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Each team must present information about their project to other youth teams. Teams will vote on presentations immediately following each team presentation. Please see the Presentations webpage on the conference website for tips, guidelines and downloads that will assist with presentations.

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All teams will be judged on the following criteria:

  • For information on application criteria, please visit the Judging Process webpage.

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Final scores will be based on:

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Sample Score Sheet

For a sample score sheet, please click here.

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Link to W-9 Form

If your team is awarded a travel assistance amount and will be mailed a check, a W-9 form is necessary to have on file for the payee. If you, or your organization, have not received a check for the Summit or Spring Youth Forum as part of a scholarship in the past we will need you to complete a W-9 (or obtain one from your organization) and submit it to CASAT. If this is the case you will be notified in your Notice of Scholarship Letter/Acceptance Letter. The link to download a W-9 form is

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Prepare Narrative Answers for Online Application

The time it takes to respond to this survey may vary. It may take between 5-10 minutes to respond to the survey, if you have prepared your answers in advance.

We suggest that you prepare your answers in advance by preparing to answer the questions in the document below to 1) avoid being "timed out" if called away and having to start over in the system and/or 2) not have to take too much time online with the narrative response items.

When you have prepared your answers, copy and paste the narrative responses into the system from your Word document. Of course, this is not necessary, but it is a suggestion to prepare for longer answers.

Use the document in this section to view the Narrative questions that will be in the online Scholarship Application below. (You may also use a Word document to prepare your answers to copy and paste into the onilne application.) Application Narrative Question Sample Document

Tip: You may copy and paste by using a right click of your mouse, or by highlighting what you want to copy in your document, click "CTRL + C", then click into the survey and push "CTRL + V".

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Scholarship Application

This application will turn off automatically at Noon on March 16. The application period is now closed.