To register, each team will have to have implemented a project between May 2013 to April 2014. Teams may or may not have participated in the Washington State Prevention Summit to attend; however, teams must have completed a project in the last year (May 2013 - April 2014) and be prepared to share the details of the project with others onsite in a workshop.

Chaperone and Youth Team Registration - EXTENDED UNTIL WEDNESDAY, MAY 14

Registration will open on Wednesday, March 26. Teams will be able to register from March 26-May 14th only. First-come, first-served. Limited space is available. Please read the instructions and eligibility regarding registration in the registration system. Teams must register a minimum of 1 chaperone per three youth. Teams may register more than 1 chaperone per three youth, however. Teams will be considered registered once they finalize registration in the registration system and provide payment.

Non-Chaperone Adult Registration

Substance abuse prevention professionals and those in the related field that are interested in attending the Spring Youth Forum can register starting on May 1 and will be able to register up until May 14. First-come, first-served. No Continuing Education Hours or Credits are available for this event. This is a youth leadership, incentive, networking, mentoring and sharing event.

Online Registration - $15/Person

Please visit the online registration system in order to register your team (March 26 - May 8 only), or register as a non-chaperone adult (May 1 - May 14). First-come, first-served. Registrations that are finalized and paid for will be considered for registration. A waiting list will be available if the event is full.
The price is $15/person (youth and adult).

Online Registration Link (Registration is no longer available. Email us for substitutions or any registration updates.)

We are happy to offer a new, more user-friendly registration system! Here are the changes this year:

  • The system will take check, PO or credit card registrations. You will be invoiced after the order is finalized for Purchase Orders (POs).
  • All chaperones may register as a chaperone. (There is no maximum on chaperones, i.e., a chaperone is not required to register as a "non-chaperone adult" because there is no maximum on chaperones.)
  • Registration is $15 for adults or youth who would like to attend.
  • There are no scholarships.
  • You must create an user account to register. (Tip: It may help to create an user account with a password that all can use in order to make registration available to other team members, unless the Team Adult Advisor is going to be the only person registering everyone.)
  • The registration system will remember the account information, even if you logout and review or update later. (This will allow teams to begin registration, but update until the deadline of May 14. Note: Your team will not be considered registered until the account is finalized and the balance is paid.)
  • Once you "finalize" the account, you will need to email in order to make any substitutions, cancellations, or any changes to a participant's information. (Please mark your calendars with the deadlines for a refund or substitution.)
  • You do not need a "Chaperone ID" to register. Teams may register the entire team under one account, as long as there is a minimum of one (1) chaperone for every three (3) youth.
  • The team will register together in one registration (rather than having one (1) chaperone per three (3) youth).
  • Non-chaperone adults will be able to register (on a limited basis; no CEHs will be available).

Please note in order to be eligible to participate, your team must have completed one (1) project this year and must be willing and able to present on that project onsite.

Contact Information

If you experience any problems with registration, please contact:
Toll-Free: 877.922.6635

Cancellation, Substitution and Refund Policy

Visit the cancellation policy webpage for more information.

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