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Important Facts About Your Presentation

  • Bring your final presentation with you on a disk or jump drive.

  • Music or Videos should be played from the Internet or all Music and Video files should be saved within your presentation folder and included on your cd or flash drive as backup ( e.g. YouTube, flash, etc., and as a backup from a DVD/CD or jump drive- please do NOT embed video files into your PowerPoint).

  • It is the ultimate responsibility of the team to prepare a functioning and professional presentation.

  • PowerPoint or similar presentations only: The Committee will not preview any DVD movies, clips, PDF slideshows, or any similar in advance – please bring those with you on a DVD, CD, or jump drive to the Forum for your presentation.

  • Please bring your electronic presentation or PowerPoint (as a back up) on a disk or jump drive, along with any audio or video files in case the conference center Wi-Fi Internet is not functioning.

  • Please check the compatibility requirements in the Presentation Requirements and Guidelines section below.

Audiovisual Equipment and Function Set Up

  • The following equipment and set up will be provided for presentations:

    • Rooms will be in theater with a materials table up front for presenters.
    • LCD Projector
    • PC Laptop Computer with DVD Capability (We will not have Mac computers available.)
    • Sound Capability (for a PowerPoint presentation or DVD/CD)
    • Projection Screen
    • One (1) Microphone (may be handheld, standing or lavalier)
    • Table for Materials
    • A VCR will NOT be available.
    • A Elmo will NOT be available.
    • Conference Center Internet (Please have a backup plan as Wi-Fi is not always dependable.)


  • Policy of the Great Wolf Lodge does not permit glitter, balloons filled with helium, confetti, etc. Before bringing props or aides, please approve it with the committee by emailing


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Presentation Requirements & Guidelines

The following requirements and tips are meant to guide and help your team in developing your presentation, especially for meeting electronic compatibility requirements. We hope that these will help make your team's presentation a success!

Basic Details:

  • Teams will have a maximum to share their presentation. Please review the scholarship acceptance letter. (Subject to vary. Some presentations are shorter, but may not be longer.)

  • Please feel free to create presentations that suit the team’s personality and the audience; such as: skits, group work, interactive presentations, singing, music, discussion, drama etc. Electronic (for example, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF) formats for presentations are NOT a requirement.

  • As a good best practice, please do not embed your video in the PowerPoint, we have found that there are issues with this. Try to make your presentation work with the most general office products and most compatible. (All Music and Video files should be saved within your presentation folder and included on your CD or flash drive as backup.)

Software Availability and Requirements

Please Note: It is the team’s responsibility to comply with compatibility requirements at the Spring Youth Forum to ensure that a presentation will function onsite and is professional. The requirements and information should assist in ensuring that all presentations will function properly during a team's presentation. There is very little time for audiovisual challenges, which could also disrupt another team’s arranged presentation schedule. Again, these guidelines and tips are available in order to ensure each team's success! Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the team to create a functioning and professional presentation. Unfortunately, audiovisual equipment does not always function perfectly - as we have all learned. Like all professional speakers, please have a Plan B to move forward with the presentation. Conference staff are available only to assist teams.

All computers are PC (rather than Mac) and will be running Microsoft Windows XP.

LCD projectors do not project at high resolutions, so downsample (reduce the file size) of your pictures using menu options. This will make your file size more manageable for your team and us. (See how to do this in the Tips and Assistance section below.)

All presentation materials must be compatible with one of the following applications that will be available on all conference computers:

* Microsoft Office 2007
* Windows Media Player 12
* Adobe Reader XI
* VideoLan VLC Media Player2.1

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Professional Presentation Tips/Best Practices

Read the Most Updated Trends in Presentation Techniques

  • One of the most popular today! Presentation Zen Website| Website
  • 18 Tips for Killer Presentations| Website
  • 2011 Prevention Summit Youth Development Network Handouts [Download1 | Download 2]

PowerPoint Software Information - Reducing Your File Size

PowerPoint: Packing and reducing pictures - Compress your pictures! (LCD Projectors are not high resolution, so it only makes the file size large and cumbersome by having high resolution pictures in your PowerPoint or similar type presentation).

  • To package a PowerPoint in 2007 click “Save As” and in the format dropdown menu select “PowerPoint Package.”
  • To reduce the size of the pictures within the PowerPoint click “Save As” then choose “Options” then choose the checkbox next to “Compress Graphics” and select small in the dropdown menu.
  • There is no tool in PowerPoint that can help in the reduction of video/audio.

Adobe Slideshow - Great for a Picture Slideshow and Runs Much Smoother

Adobe PDF: Making a Slideshow
For electronic presentations without multimedia, Adobe PDF Slideshow is a great format to use and runs well on Adobe Reader 9.

  • For complete instructions from Adobe on how to transition your PDF into a slideshow, visit the following link: Adobe Help and Support.

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For questions regarding team presentations, please contact CASAT.
Toll free: 877-922-6635